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dwsplus02Ultra violet light water treatment has been around for decades but has always had limitations due to the inherent nature of the product design.  

But now with UV Pure’s revolutionary Crossfire Technology™, ultra violet light treatment has never been safer.  UV Pure’s innovative design has created a system that works in more varieties of water conditions and air temperatures while requiring less maintenance. 

In the past water UV treatment was only effective with water that was already of very good quality.  But now UV Pure’s Upstream™ product line allows for treatment of water with a UVT (ultra violet transmission) of only 50%.  Lower than any other current product available.  Issues that plague other systems, like UV shadowing, are virtually eliminated with UV Pure’s dual bulb system.

It also feature numerous safety features as well as optional features such as a remote monitor, modem hook up and a solenoid automatic shut off valve will help protect your families water quality.

The advanced design also allows for the easiest routine maintenance and helps eliminate the need to clean the quart tube.

No other system offers

Exterior mounted Twin Lamps

Exist on the outside of the quartz water sleeve to prevent UV shadowing and providing more robust disinfection.

Dual Smart Sensors

Monitors both lamp light intensity as well as water quality to ensure the integrity of the disinfection system.

Rotating Stainless Steel Wipers

Cleans the inside of the quartz sleeve ensuring full penetration of the UV light while eliminating the build up of iron, scale and other materials.  No more quartz cleaning!!

Air Cooled Lamps

Ensures proper operating temperature of the UV lamps.

Easy to Change Lamps

Two quick thumb screws allow access to the lamps.  No water to drain, no quartz to remove.


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