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Clear Water Solutions features many different water filter technologies including; Reverse Osmosis, Filtration, Absorption, Adsorption, Ion Exchange, and Ultra Violet Light to name a few.  Clear Water Solutions carefully selects our vendors and products to bring only the best water quality to your home.

Our products are produced by only the most reputable companies and all are manufactured entirely in North America.  Companies like Kinetico and UV Pure.


Drinking Water Systems
Filter out chemicals, metals, algae, fungi—even bacteria and viruses—for safe, clean drinking water.

Water Softeners
Remove hardness-causing calcium and magnesium from water for a difference you can feel.


Whole House Filters
Eliminate substances that cause foul odour and taste as well as screen out suspended solids that make water appear cloudy.

Problem-Water Filters
Zero in on your water’s trouble spots to effectively remove virtually any problem.



Ultra Violet Light
Disinfect the water for your entire house without adding chemical disinfectants


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