MACguard® 7500 Filter

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MACguard® 7500 Drinking Water Filter

dwsplus02The MACguard 7500 provides years of quality water and incorporates proven filtration methods designed to protect you from contaminants that may be in your drinking water. Whether you want to improve your water's taste or have concerns about substances that it may contain, your Kinetico Drinking Water Filter is on the job providing you clean, Kinetico water on demand.

MACguard - Maximum Security for Your Water

Your Kinetico Drinking Water Filter is equipped with a special filter monitoring device called MACguard. MACguard (the "MAC" stands for metered Automatic Cartridge) offers you the ultimate protection by measuring the volume of water the unit has filtered and initiating a shutdown after 500 gallons (1900 litres), about a year's worth of drinking water for an average family of four. Without MACguard, filters can be overused and lose their filtration ability. MACguard ensures you and your family will get only the best water. And changing your filter cartridge is quick and easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions that come with each replacement cartridge.

MACguard® Filter Features

 Eliminates guesswork. Protects you from filter overuse.

Automatically measures water use and alerts you when it's necessary to change the system's filter cartridge.


Shows how much filter capacity is remaining. Warns you of upcoming filter shutoff

Sanitary, Quick-Disconnect Filter Cartridges

Make filter changes a snap. Just twist and remove.

Compact Design

Fits under your sink or in another convenient place.

Lead-free Drinking Water Tap

Does not contain lead like many brass faucets do. Won't contaminate your water. Basic chrome finish faucet is standard.

  • NSF Standard 042 - Aesthetic Effects
  • NSF Standard 053 - Health Effects


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