Drinking Water Systems

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Drinking Water Systems

Clear Water Solutions drinking water systems feature the best in product technologies and third party certifications.  Clear Water Solutions carefully selects our vendors and products to bring only the best water quality to your home.

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K5 Drinking Water Station
Simply the best drinking water system available without any compromises.

Aquakinetic A200
Looking for an economic reverse osmosis drinking water system?  NSF certified ensures quality water!

MACguard 140X1
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MACguard 7500
A quality drinking water filter that will remove chlorine, VOC’s, cysts and more while leaving existing minerals in.

Kinetico CS300 Cooler
Do away with bottled water! This economical cooler with built water treatment will service an office of twenty for up to 1 year!

Call us today at (604) 910-0306 to schedule your free in home water audit to see how we can improve your water!


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